Thursday, May 14, 2009

Viewing Pleasure

Well hello there Edward... oh, I mean Robert. I think I see a tiny bit of your tummy. Better take your shirt off so I can be sure :)

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  1. Anonymous5/15/2009

    SP2 Says...

    Okay, in order of your posts - First, seriously? Are you kidding me?? Of course, when Ben quit work to stay home shauna pulled him aside and told him she didn't think it was a great idea for him to "throw away his career" because what if I left him?? In-laws suck sometimes.

    Second - I have never watched an episode of Star Trek but I have heard lots of good things about the movie...I may just go??

    Third - Ah, Robert. Does he have fangs in his mouth or are his teeth really that weird or is it just bad angle? Who cares, right? I think I need to read the series again for the umpteenth time!