Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sucks- part 2

I logged on to rant and I see Runt beat me to the punch.

I will agree that responsibility sucks BIG TIME! And all that other crap fits nicely into the responsibility realm. I'm sorry the new job stuff isn't all sunshine and roses. I'm personally so sick of the whole work crap that I've considered starting my own business. Oh wait, just one problem... I don't have any ideas or any money. darn.

Here's a lesson I learned today:

How to have a crappy day...

- be woken up by 5 year old screaming bloody murder at 4:30am due to ear ache
- try to get dressed but realize your ass is too fat for your pants
- step on an old diaper and have its contents squish through your toes
- realize that an urgent care visit without insurance is over $200 and you don't have even half that
- spill boiling hot water on your crotch when you try and get some cocoa
- cry
- curse
- realize it is only 9:30am
- cry again

-Smarty Pants

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