Friday, June 5, 2009

Good Morning, would you like a bitch slap with your bagel?

I stopped to get my weekly Friday morning bagel today.

Some beeyoch behind me was picking up bagels for her company and paying with a company check. She was asked for her drivers license and made the biggest scene - sighing, eye rolling, stomping out in a huff to her car, coming back in a yelling at the poor kid, blah, blah. It was ridiculous.

I wanted to slap her for 2 reasons - 1) people asking for ID with a check (which BTW who even uses those anymore?) is a standard control procedure and being in the business of having to enforce such controls it pisses me off when people have to be such dicks about it. 2) She was obviously running around on company time so what the hell could she be so put out about?

I hate people.


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  1. Anonymous6/05/2009

    Agreed- people are hideous.

    -Smarty Pants