Monday, August 3, 2009

We no longer accept gifts for services rendered

Hubby and I are on-site managers of a 40 unit apartment complex. Besides contract signing and rent collection it is basically a big baby sitting gig. Hubby is good at it and all the ladies like him and chat his ear off any time he tries to take the trash out or get something from the car.

Sometimes it bugs me that he is so helpful. I come home from a 10 hour day and want to sit and talk with him but he says unit 30 is having trouble installing their window a/c unit so I promised to come by and do it for them. Then I say, why? They are jerks make them do it themselves. Then with an evil grin he says... Now, what would Jesus have us do? And I get angry and say Jesus would want him to spend time with his wife so she didn't decide to pack up and head to the motel 6. He just rolls his eyes and heads out the door. I yell at him to make sure he doesn't get his cape dirty on the way. He doesn't laugh.

We had a 50 year old widow move out recently. Hubby spent a lot of time helping her fix the drywall and carpet so she wouldn't be charged at move out. She was very thankful for his help so she gave him some videos she didn't want any more. We finally got around to going through the box the other night. There were old Disney movies, a Jane Fonda workout video, and a porno. Ya, a widow gave us her old porn. Yikes.

It went straight to the dumpster. I told my brother about it and he said since she is so old maybe it was olden day porn, like ladies showing off their ankles and stuff. I'm guessing not, since the title had the word ass in it.

-Smarty Pants


  1. OMG classic. Old lady porn! And I love you for the new moon link. Following you for Edward. (And you're hilarious, but mostly Edward;)

  2. Ok I lied. Where the eff is your follow button or subscribe button missy?

  3. Anonymous8/04/2009

    Sweet! Don't watched it first :)


  4. The rules of equitte have changed. I thought a card or a note was a proper thank you. Not old lady porn. I hope Miss Manners comes out with a new book. Mine is horribly dated.

  5. You know you watched it first- come on it's old lady porn- anyone would want to be able to say- yeah so this old lady gave me porn and boy was it creepy.

  6. Oh smarty pants.. did you get my email? Cuz I think you don't have your emailed reply option on? You should so people can return your comments! And nice work with the followers!

  7. did you ever find out if it was the olden day kind or not? Yeah, I'm thinkin' I would pass on any free gifts from now on...yuck!!

    Stopping by to say welcome to SITS :-) We're glad you joined!

  8. Old Lady Porn??? Go, Grandma!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  9. lololol! who knows what she was doing with it?? (maybe she wasn't so innocent in her widow days, lol)

    welcome to sits!

  10. You could start a rumor about him to get the residents to steer clear and voila - you'd have him all to yourself! ;o)

    Welcome to SITS!