Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Online Presence

I've been a blogger for about 2 years. I have a total of 3 blogs (one personal, one situation specific, and this one... which is everything I feel the need to say but don't have a place to say it). I guess I've done pretty well making it this far without any negative blogging experiences. But that's over now. I got a little too free with a comment on another blog and another commenter followed me back to my personal blog and the rest you can guess for yourself.

I decided to make the personal blog private. It's annoying for readers but in the end I really just write it for myself so if fewer people read or comment, I'm okay with that. The other blogs are anonymous so no problems there.

It got me thinking about my whole online presence though. I spend way too much time reading blogs. My google reader list is super long, full of random blogs I find interesting. I've decided I'm ready to scale back. I deleted any blog from my reader that does not belong to a friend or family member. If I really want an update from the other ones I can go to the site, but I'm done reading it all.

What will I do with all my time???

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